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Things I do differently . . .

SAVE you time

Time is the one thing you can never get back. I have already done and continue to do the research on fatigue, sleep, stress and health for my programs, which gives you freedom to focus on the things you love, to feel better than ever and be more productive doing so.

SAVE you money

In the United States research shows that the average person pays $5,615 annually in healthcare costs. I can help you cut that number drastically and as a result help you make more too since your energy, focus and health will increase. By letting me help you get your health back on track you will have fewer doctors’ visits now, and far less medical bills down the road. These are the ones that add up when we let chronic disease set in. Don’t put your health off until tomorrow, sign up to work with me today.

LEARN from my clients

I strive to give each client I work with the best knowledge, information and resources that I have. This allows them to get back on track with their health and wellness, and at the same time gives me an opportunity to learn from them. I am also always looking for a learning opportunity from them. This can come in many forms and is pivotal to helping them and others on their healing journey.

Library of HOW-TO videos

This sounds simple and it is. Get back to basics and make sure that these are executed properly first. Once they are good, then you can move on to the fancy things. Do you know how to blackout your bedroom? Do you know how much water to drink daily or from what sources? How about eating right for your own body? Again all are simple, but knowing them and how to execute are a must.

PROGRESSIVE exercise process

Many times we are just looking for the next crazy hard work-out or exercise that will shred our abs, but there is much more to it than that. It is critical that we understand that we must first isolate specific muscles before integrating them into full body movements. It’s also realizing that if we are in pain we must use this as a teaching lesson that our body is not performing optimally and finding a way to get back to this optimal function.

WALK my talk

I won’t ask you to do something I wouldn’t be willing to do or have not already done myself.  Sure you may not be ready to plunge into an ice cold river or wear blue light blocking glasses at night, but I’ll be bet that you would be okay changing some of the things you ate and getting to be bed a little earlier if it meant boosting your energy and making a lot more money.

RESEARCHED resources

I dedicate a section on my site which gives you access to great available resources, not just ones that I am invested in financially.  When I recommend something it is because I have done research and believe that it is the best resource available. I do not do well if something does not benefit you. These resources are provided to help save you the time of researching them yourself.

UNIQUE exercise videos

You can find a million and one variations of the squat, but do you know how to crawl properly and how this can affect the way you move? How about doing the inchworm? Not only are some infant development patterns lost as we age, but they can be very intense and fun. I’ll show you how to incorporate the uncommon into you your exercise routine to feel and look your best.


Finding the right practitioner to work with can be a very challenging process as we are all different and require a unique touch. My goal is to help you feel better no matter what, which is why I always consult with a client before we meet to establish what it is that they are looking for and in need of. If this is not something that I can provide for them I will refer them out and help them find the right practitioner for them. This ensures that we all benefit.

When you are tired, sick or in pain it’s not just one part of your body that’s affected, but the entire body. I will assess you at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Working on One without the others would not be holistic and I would not be living up to my undertaking.


It sounds simple, but I will commit to be on time with our appointments. I respect that you are very busy and do not have time to be bothered by long waits. By running efficiently you can get back to doing the things you love.

ATTENTION to detail

Rather than just giving you the same plan everybody else gets I make the effort to customize for each individual person. This does take more effort on my part, but the results that you will see will grow significantly because of it.

BONUS:  100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s right because I really am that confident about my online holistic health & wellness programs that I offer and also when working one-on-one with clients. When you come and work with me I know that you will feel the way you want to feel.


Evolution Health and Fitness empowers increased freedom and happiness to each individual on a daily basis.


Evolution Health and Fitness is committed to inspire people with their love of health and happiness through individual holistic lifestyle coaching and manual therapy and their educational talks and workshops to groups as well as individuals.

Core Values

  • Evolution Health and Fitness values the health of the individual.
  • Evolution Health and Fitness values one’s purpose to complete what each individual is called to accomplish.
  • Evolution Health and Fitness values inspiration as it arises from love.
  • Evolution Health and Fitness values education to help us heal ourselves.