Civilization & Its Discontents

My One Thing:

We are all sharing in the shaping of our future. What are you doing to help or hinder?

Other Key Concepts

  • 40. Science, art and religion are all one
  • 44. We can be happy anytime- do it right now
  • 45. “All suffering is nothing else than sensation”
  • 52. Love is the center of all
  • 56. Religion restricts play and adaptation
  • 58. We only suffer because of our attitude.
  • 69. Civilization is characterized by man’s higher mental activities
  • 71. Must cultivate social relationships as they are a characteristic feature of all civilizations
  • 81. Sex is all there is- I think I am understanding why Freud always comes back to sex. After looking at some history and genetic books I think it is because if we don’t have sex, civilization dies.
  • 111. Evolution of civilization comes from struggle for life as a species
  • 119. Sense of guilt comes from a fear of authority and fear of the super ego
  • 142. Individual takes part in development of mankind at the same time as he pursues his life’s path
  • 149. Can we stop our self-destruction?

How to apply

How do we want our futures to look? Painful, sick and weak or healthy, vibrant and strong. We can help influence this through helping ourselves and others. This is how we can stop the destruction of our species through loving and helping one another.

My review

Good book, but I struggle reading Freud. I feel like he was never loved. I get the impression that we are just doomed from him, but I feel this is not the case. We can and will change civilization for the better as we move on with our lives.

Make sure to take a look at what you are doing as a whole. Is your job or career helping to advance us all? Do you do your best to love those around you? Is your health the best it could be? Are you leading by example?

There is always something you can do to help. Think of each thing we do like dominos. As each of us knocks over a small domino it can knock over a little bigger one. Make sure that you are knocking over the right ones.

My recommendation

To read or not to read, that is the question