My One Thing:

Working together we can set out to do what we want.

Other Key Concepts

  • 18. Sun God was Virakocha or Kon-Tiki from Peru
  • 21. Can the Pacific be crossed in a raft?
  • 32. Only need a small radio- don’t always need crazy equipment
  • 34. Simple foods can do the trick and use ingenuity- catch rain water
  • 36. You must ask for things. They won’t be given. It pays to know people
  • 42. What doesn’t kill you…you know
  • 42. You have the ability of greatness. Others will follow if you are ready and worthy
  • 44. Beware head hunters- for us not literally, but those that are looking to only take from us
  • 65. Haters will always be there. Just walk around them
  • 88. You never know what you will discover on your journeys
  • 113. Improvisation- need to learn it
  • 130. Contingency plan-just in case, but don’t rely on either. Use improvisation
  • 147. “Once overboard, always overboard”
  • 157. Follow the stars as they lead the way- knowledge is out there for whatever you need. Just look around for it and follow
  • 157. Technology is overrated
  • 163. They weather the storm together- TEAMWORK
  • 163. Our jobs are easy in comparison

How to apply

Set a plan and stick with it. When stuff comes up along the way figure it out. We have each other to rely on. Do not stop because something is hard because we have more at our fingertips than ever before. Keep up the teamwork.

My review

This is an excellent book about with an awesome story about the little guy(s).

I love to hear about people conquering the impossible. All of the naysayers can keep on talking about you not being big enough, strong enough, not using the best technology, not having enough money. None of this matters if you know how to improvise and just keep going. This can be done with everything we do. There is no excuse that we cannot do something, but we must just come up with a way that may be considered unconventional. How will you keep on going next time you hit a rough patch? At least you are not on a little raft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

My recommendation

Yes. Go for it

If you liked this book, read…

Anything about overcoming the impossible

or watch The Other Guys. Sure it’s a comedy, but does something for the underdog.[/