The Lessons of History

My One Thing:

Learn from history and don’t repeat the bad

Other Key Concepts

  • 11. Do we keep repeating history?
  • 17. Man makes civilization, not the earth
  • 19. Life is competition and selection, however cooperation must exist
  • 21. Life must breed to survive, but controlled by famine, pestilence and war
  • 27. Birth control is dysgenic
  • 31. We all must cooperate to create and contribute to society
  • 33. There is a balance in everything- 2 sides
  • 36. Morals are rules by society for order, security and grown.
  • 54. The people who manage $ manage all
  • 67. Socialism balances capitalism
  • 87. Civilization=”social order promotes cultural creation”
  • 93. Civilizations do not die
  • 95. Francis Bacon-”knowledge is power”

How to apply

For every department and thing we do. Look at the past. Have we done it before and ask how it worked. If it was good, use it, if not move on. Learn from others that we work with, ask those outside, read on it, take classes, courses. Again knowledge is power on all accounts

Use the good and get rid of the bad. Seek advice of others if they had a similar situation.

My review

Very fun brief review of history. Doesn’t take much to get through, but still has lots of insight.

Learning from history doesn’t mean that you must learn all from ancient history, although you can. Just look back 5, 10 or 50 years ago. What did health, business, politics, teaching, etcetera look like then. If there was somebody that was great in your industry take the time and study from them. You can read their books, listen to them or just ask them. If they are no longer around then see how they changed the world. Remember that you can learn something from everything if you know how to apply it to yourself.

My recommendation

Read this if you want the brief history and for the long history…

If you liked this book, read…

The Story of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant (yes all 11 volumes)[/