Managing Oneself

My One Thing:

Go through this and find out what your answers are. Do not lie to yourself as it will make it harder later on in life.

Key Concepts:

Strengths p. 2

  • Find weakness
  • Feedback analysis- make a key decision and check on it 9-12 months later
  • Improve Strengths
  • Overcome disabling ignorance

Performance p. 10

  • Reader or listener
  • Writing, doing or talking
  • Work well alone or with others
  • Produce results as decision maker or advisor
  • Better under stress or highly structured
  • Big or small organization

Values p. 22

  • Do yours align with organization you work for

Contribution p. 33

  1. What does situation require?
  2. Given my strengths, my way of performing and my values, how can I make the greatest contribution to what needs to be done?
  3. What results have to be achieved to make a difference?

-18 Months contribution-Where and how can I achieve results that will make a difference in 18 months?

  1. Be hard to achieve, but within reach
  2. Results should be meaningful
  3. Results should be visible and if possible, measurable

Gives us course of action: what to do, where and how to start, what goals and deadlines are set

Relationships p. 37

  • Must know others’ strengths
  • Be responsible for your communication

2nd ½ of your life (mid life crisis) p. 45

  • Must know early what you will do when and if you get bored at 45


This is a must read for anybody that works or has a higher purpose with something to achieve. That is it. It is too short, but yet effective to miss. By answering the questions outlined in the book Drucker shows you how you can be your most effective self.

How to apply:

Focus on your strengths that you can provide. This will show you how you can contribute in the business.

Know the strengths of others so that you can refer to them or ask for help. This goes a long way with communication


Answer questions above to get the concept. Still a super short read that is easy to go through. Read any of Peter Drucker’s other books as well.