When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead

My One Thing:

Keep going and you can’t fail.

Other Key Concepts

  • p1 “Every minute doing one thing is a minute not doing another”
  • “Savor life, don’t press too hard, don’t worry too much”
  • -Jerry’s philosophy, however he says screw it push harder
  • p13 Keep going
  • p17 Mentors and who you know go a long way
  • p19 People will pay for easy, always pitch your idea, if you do something twice, get paid twice
  • p21 If you are scared, keep going and you’ll probably survive
  • p27 If something gets comfortable, start over with something else
  • p38, p45 and many others- Get used to change and deal with it
  • p41 “Be willing to be lucky”
  • p52 Who cares about crazy ideas, somebody will pull them off
  • p62 Only you control your product
  • p68 Relationships are IMPORTANT
  • p84 Don Corleon- “Better to be feared than loved”
  • p95 Script can only be good if actors play their parts
  • p119 Spot the start before they are a star
  • p127 Chekism- “Tell them what they want, but give them what they need”
  • p143 Read people’s eyes
  • p152 Chase “It” down
  • p162 Death is just a new beginning
  • p167 “Life is too short to be spent in the company of morons”
  • p169 Enjoy excitement
  • p178 Give your kids the world
  • p190 Cocain is fun, but it leaves you worse off
  • p195 Residual checks are good
  • p204 Be you
  • p211 Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery
  • p227 “As long as you’re here, you might as well smile
  • p240 “You need to see yourself as part of something larger that never dies”
  • p241 You can communicate with anybody dead or alive, just picture them
  • p245 Operate on confidence
  • p248 Are you still tough after you’ve been gored
  • p250 Self-confidence and pride
  • p262 If the world ends, you’ll know, so keep on keepin on
  • p265 I don’t want to die yet, but I’ll be ready
  • p270 Never afraid to fail=never afraid to try
  • Ask if you don’t know
  • Listen to others
  • Sell with joy
  • Don’t fear sillyness and new ideas will be plentiful
  • Rush to meet what’s next with joy

How to apply

Keep going on all ends

My review

This ended up being a whole lot more than just a name dropping book from somebody that has rubbed elbows with everybody in Hollywood to the top heads of state. There is a bunch of fluff or nobody would have read it and this makes the book funny, but there are very good lessons in it.

Making connections will never be overrated. There are going to be good and bad connections, but we can benefit from them all. If somebody helps you out for the good then great. Keep them around. You can still benefit from a bad connection as well. Learn from the mistakes that these people have made or are making and don’t want to change. These connections can and should be turned into mentorships when possible. You should seek out a mentor, but also mentor others when appropriate.

Do not be afraid. You must be yourself, try new things, learn from the best and do your best. Just don’t stop and you will get where you want to go.

If you liked this book, listen, watch or read…

Anything from pages 273-280