The 4-Hour Body

My “One Thing”

You can change just about anything about your body if you are willing to make the proper changes.

This can be for the good or the bad. Doing the right changes can give you very dramatic improvements, but doing the wrong things can really put a hamper on the body. Make the right changes for yourself.

Other Key Concepts

  1. Minimum effective dose: “the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome”
  2. “Don’t accept predisposition”
  3. Measurement=motivation
  4. Slow Carb Diet
  • Avoid “white” carbs
  • Eat same few meals over and over
  • Don’t drink calories
  • Don’t eat fruit
  • Take one day off per week and go nuts
  1. PAGG supplement (policosanol, ALA, green tea flavonoids, garlic extract)
  2. Cold showers for fat loss, muscle gains and increased immunity
  3. Cinnamon good for balancing blood sugar
  4. Chew your food
  5. Time under tension for muscle gain
  6. GOMAD or LOMAD diets
  7. Failed reps=not recovered
  8. 15-minute female orgasm- one of Tim’s reads for men and women
  9. Increased cholesterol intake=increased testosterone
  10. Cholesterol is not bad
  11. For memory consolidation get REM sleep, for tissue repair get delta wave sleep.
  12. Keep the bedroom cold
  13. Cold shower before bed
  14. Polyphasic sleep- great to sleep less, but must be super disciplined
  15. Do not wear shoes with heels (zero drop)
  16. Egoscue Method- great postural correction exercises for decreasing pain
  17. ART=Active Release Technique- very effective manual technique for lengthening muscles
  18. Discussions on ProloTherapy
  19. Discussions on Biopuncture
  20. FMS (functional movement screen) is a great 80/20 use
  21. Critical four exercises
  • Chop and Lift
  • Turkish Get Up
  • 2-Arm single leg dead lift
  • Cross body one arm single leg dead lift
  1. Hamstring strength for hamstring health
  2. How to run
  • use gravity for forward motion
  • land on balls of feet
  • never fully straighten legs
  • pull each foot off ground and towards buttocks
  • maintain at least 180 step per minute rate
  1. Strength is a skill- it must be practiced!
  2. Getting really strong
  • proper periodization
  • no missed workouts
  • add lots of muscle
  1. Be better and be a role model

My recommendation

I like the book, so I would say read. If you want you can certainly pick out bits and pieces if there are certain things about your body that you want to change. Keep in mind that these are all things that have worked for the author. He is different than you and may or may not be great techniques, but likely they are going to be pretty good. He studied the world’s best to learn from them.

If you liked this book, read…

Anything else by Tim Ferriss. I have read all of his books and I am certainly a big fan.