The Hoops Whisperer

My “One Thing”

Follow your Passion and be the best at what you do.

Other Key Concepts

  1. Being at your 99% in your profession- would you be the best in yours?
  2. Use faith more than dreams
  3. “I work from my heart. I pay attention. I trust my instincts.”
  4. Don’t let your surroundings limit you
  5. Don’t be handcuffed to what you do
  6. Does what you’re doing tie into your Passion?
  7. Players are good when fresh, but struggle under fatigue-don’t get fatigued
  8. “It wasn’t work to me”
  9. What can others teach you?
  10. Observe and tailor to the individual

72…. “become absolutely ferocious in (your) quest for greatness.”

  1. Pure gifts ask no thanks or recognition
  2. Environment to magnify weakness and for adaptation
  3. You gotta be tough
  4. “selfish”= self-reliant
  5. With more success=more challenges
  6. Do what is best for you

My recommendation

You do not have to be a basketball player or fan to get a ton out of this book. It is a great read to really motivate and show that it takes a lot to get the top of your game. After reading you will realize that you cannot be making excuses if you are not a fan of what you do.

If you liked this book, read…

Anything that helps you find your Passion and get at your best in your profession.