The Way of the Shaman

My “One Thing”

Be sure to keep your power full to stay happy, healthy and safe

Other Key Concepts

xix. Shamans use ancient techniques to achieve and maintain well-being and healing for themselves and others.

xxi. Maintenance of personal power is fundamental to well being

xxii. Shamanic practice includes going from ordinary state of consciousness (OSC) to shamanic state of consciousness (SSC)

xxv. You become a shaman when others confirm it


  1. Ayahuasca is a drink known as “the little death”
  2. A journey with the Jivaro
  3. Maikua
  4. Tsentsak
  5. Shaman is from the Tungus of Siberia
  6. Shaman enters altered state of consciousness at will to contact and utilize an ordinarily hidden reality to acquire knowledge, power and to help others
  7. Shamanic enlightenment
  8. Often work in darkness
  9. Begin journey with entrance to lowerworld- must find yours
  10. First journey practice (this part is a must read if you want to try)
  11. Read of written first journeys of others
  12. Shamanic methods are 20000 to 30000 years old
  13. Guardian spirit or power animal
  14. Healing, divination, “seer,” clairvoyance- what a shaman does
  15. “In its essence, shamanic initiation is experiential and often gradual, consisting of learning successfully how to achieve the shamanic state of consciousness, and to see and journey in that state, acquiring personal certainty and knowledge of one’s own guardian spirit, and enlisting its assistance while in the shamanic state of consciousness, and learning successfully to help others as a shaman.”
  16. “Only he who successfully masters his actions in both realities is a master shaman.”
  17. Basic tools for enter SSC are drum and rattle
  18. Enters OSC or SSC by choice
  19. Performing rock seeing
  20. Connection with animal world- The Power Animal or guardian spirit
  21. Quest to find the power animal (must read to perform)
  22. “Calling the beasts” to acquire power animal
  23. Resistance to disease and illness, increase energy and alertness all = being power full
  24. The Spirit Canoe ride
  25. The Power Song
  26. How to recover a power animal
  27. Talk of your power animal is a personal choice
  28. Must engage with power animal often
  29. There are ordinary and “bad” dreams
  30. How to restore power at a distance
  31. The Bone Game
  32. The medicine bundle and power objects
  33. The quartz crystal and its incredible power
  34. Cleansing your crystal
  35. Plant helpers must be wild and are a type of spirit helper
  36. How to remove intrusions
  37. Tobacco traps
  38. Becoming the patient

How to apply

Using shamanism we can seek what to do to help make us more power full so that we do not become run down and can each do our responsibilities at work and home to the fullest.  This can be used to help seek what to do next with patients to help them recover. It can also be used to remove anything harmful from them or to help them increase the amount of power they have so that they may heal.

My review

I love this book! This was my introduction to shamanism before taking further classes to study and improve my practice. It gives the basics for anyone to begin as well as take their practice to a new level.

My recommendation

Great starting point for any person looking to begin practicing shamanism. It will take you through the basics and show you where to go next

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