There are so many ways that Nick at Evolution Health and Fitness has help and changed my life (all for the better) and one example that stands out is I had been on two high blood pressure medications (was even hospitalized once because of it) and after Nick had evaluated me and specifically went over not only what I was eating buy what’s in the foods that I was eating. I have stayed steadfast on his guidelines and I have been off my medications for a long time now (the medical doctor who prescribed me on them was pleased and surprised) and my blood pressure is even better now then it was when I was much younger and active. If anyone is serious about about being or getting health go see Nick you will not be disappointed , thank you – Mikel


I met Nick in 2012 after dealing with chronic back pain for several years. I injured my back while doing p90x. When you have a back injury, even the simple things become difficult. I was becoming depressed because I could no longer enjoy the things I loved to do. I went to many doctors, chiropractors, tried acupuncture, massage therapy, epidural injections, not to mention many physical therapists. I kept switching therapists because none of them were really able to help. A few years went by and I just thought I would just have to learn to live with the pain and give up the active lifestyle I was use to. My husband introduced me to Nick. Of course I was skeptical because no one has been able to help but I was becoming so desperate that I thought why not. We met for an evaluation where we covered so much from my diet to what I really wanted to get out of this program. It really was more than just “where does it hurt” and “here are a few exercises”. It’s more like a total body approach. I learned a lot about my diet and made the necessary changes to become healthy. Also, the tailored exercise program and stretches he put together for me were really nothing I have ever seen before. It didn’t happen overnight but I can say that today I am pain free. I still religiously do my exercises and watch my diet. Nick has definitely made a difference in my life and I hope others that come across him are just as lucky. – Christina


After attending one of Nick’s workshops I was surprised by how much I could change in my life to improve my health. Nick guided us on how to make these changes easily and also showed us where to start without feeling overwhelmed. – Patricia


I have worked with Nick for a while now and I am always amazed at the amount of detailed information he gives me. He always comes back to the “6 Foundation Principles” and we choose one that I can improve upon, which is great as I get better without making too many changes at once. – Michael


When I met Nick I had been in pain for what seemed like forever! My back and neck just never seemed right and then week by week after working with him I continued to improve. We worked on things like strengthening my “inner unit”, I had no idea what that was before meeting Nick. Then he explained why I needed to remove the inflammatory foods from my diet, so that my organs felt better and allowed my back to feel great! – Susan


Although I feel that I practice healthy habits including diet and exercise, I was referred by a family member to attend one of Nick’s seminars.  I was surprised by how much there was to learn and the interesting approach that Nick had in presenting so much material. He is an excellent speaker who seamlessly goes from one topic to another although it all connects with the theme of healthy living.  We were given a hand-out to follow along and take notes which I found useful to have at home. I have begun to make small changes in my diet.  Nick does believe in  moderation so there is no deprivation.  I am drinking more water as he suggested.  When I shop for groceries, I stay away from processed foods as much as possible.  I read labels after learning what I should really be looking for on them instead of just calorie content.  I am more focused on the kind of exercise that I need for my body type.  I’ve even found organic foods that I like. Whether you want to make small or not-so-small changes in the way you look and feel, Nick is going to help you make those changes.  He motivates me to be my healthiest self.– Marie


Meeting Nick for my initial evaluation was an interesting experience, first he did a whole lot of physical examinations ‘from head-to-toe’, then he began to watch how I moved while doing various activities, ‘which I thought I was good at doing’ but Nick noticed something wasn’t right so I mentioned that I was battling with shoulder pain most days.  Then we went over my intake paperwork together and he even assessed my energy fields.  This first day was a bit overwhelming for me but at this point after working with Nick for quite a while, he can do whatever he needs to, since I am able to play with my kids again without worrying about being in pain or tired all the time. – Tracy


I am a business owner without much time on my hands and even less energy. Things got to a point a few weeks back when I knew I had to do something or I wouldn’t be able to stay ‘awake’ enough to run my business properly. After meeting and working with Nick, my energy levels have improved tremendously, I’m able to focus and think clearly again because I’m not constantly fighting fatigue and have actually increased revenue in my business as a direct result. – Mark