The Brain Boost

Mental Performance Through Nutrition:

For every busy professional that I talk to there is one thing that always comes up. Mental or cognitive performance. That ability for their brain to work at the same level or better than it once did. They cannot keep the same focus, maintain the energy or keep coming up with and implementing new ideas to further their career or grow their business. This is often do to factors that are easily within their control, but over their career they have picked up habits that often destroy this mental performance.

What is Stopping You?

Inflammation of the brain. This is something that keeps popping up in research more and more. It is also associated with many chronic diseases that cause you to decline in mental performance over time. You can easily avoid this by learning and implementing nutrition strategies to decrease inflammation and boost mental performance.

What can the Brain Boost do for you?

  • Perfect Nutrition

    You will get a customized eating approach to match the exact needs of your brain and body so they both will function optimally.

  • Supplement Wisely

    There are a lot of supplements out there claiming to be great for mental performance. Don’t waste your time and money. I will show you exactly what you need to get the edge in cognitive performance.

  • Boost Energy

    No more crashes! That’s it. When you follow your custom Brain Boost program you will have infinite energy. This means you can work for longer periods of time with no energy drain.

  • Sharpen Focus

    With all you have to do in a day it can be tough to stay on task. This will change when you get your nutrition and supplementation in order to keep that laser-like focus and get more done.

  • Improve Memory

    Remember that last multi-million dollar idea you had? No? That can’t happen. By dialing in nutrition and sleep your poor memory will turn into a past memory.

  • Optimize Sleep

    You don’t have more time for sleep and I get that. I will show you how to optimize the hours you do get to make your brain perform at its highest level every single day.

Individual Coaching

Initial Consultation $199

4 Months Coaching $399


1 Year Coaching $2499