Does Brain Health Really Matter?

The argument could certainly be made that brain health doesn’t matter, but not from me.

Certainly on a personal basis with myself, but just observing friends and family as well as patients and clients that I work with…Brain Health Really Does Matter! This is also why brain health should not wait to be addressed until the 5th or 6th decade of life when decline is often noted, but now. Your brain health really does matter and should not wait any longer.

This is an important topic for me because even in college I noticed a problem with my cognitive functioning. It was more that I was not able to focus well and often had fuzzy thoughts. Since refining this I have seen improvements to my focus and learning, but overall wellbeing. I can now stay on task as long as needed, my memory is dramatically improved and I feel more motivated to always stay sharp.

Factors Affecting Brain Health

There are a multitude of things that will affect the health of your brain and over the coming weeks, months and years I want to hash them all out for you. This will give you that advantage of keeping your head clear and stopping any cognitive decline now and in the future. Here are just a few:

  • Inflammation of the Brain
  • Stress: the Right and Wrong Hormones
  • Nutrition for Memory
  • Hydration for Life
  • Exercise the Brain and Body
  • Oxygenation of Tissue
  • Dietary Fat and Cholesterol: Feed the Brain
  • Supplementation: Which is right for me?
  • Sleep: Increase or Optimize?

If you are wondering how the health of your brain is, I have the answer. Check out this FREE Brain Health Quiz to find out where you are at and you will also be eligible for my new free book “The 4 Morning Secrets to Perfect Brain Health” shipped to your door.

Have a Great Day!

Nick Horowski