How to get more energy than ever before!

Now that we have finished covering the basics of working out it is time to do some working in as it relates to exercise.

I know you may be wondering what working in is so let’s cover the basics. This is something that I learned from one of my mentors Paul Chek. Working out as I have come to understand it is the expelling of energy during movement. Working in however is the cultivation of energy with movement. Yes, I said cultivation of energy.

Do you remember, that thing called ‘energy’ you had when you were 20 and have since started to lose? Well I say it is time to get it back and I want to let you know how.

Working In and the Breath

I feel that working in comes down to one basic thing: movement timed with your breath without elevation of heart rate. It really can be that simple. Let’s break it down and look at that statement to get a better understanding.

Movement– Simple. This can be done with any movement from a squat to moving your eyes or pinkie in the right direction.

Breath– Proper breathing mechanics are paramount here.

For a quick refresher check back here to see

As for how to breathe with movement this can also be simplified. Any time you are going towards the fetal position you are breathing out and anytime you are going away you are moving in.

Heart Rate– Our last component is also crucial. This movement must be done at a slow tempo and low intensity to make be sure that you are cultivating. For a refresher on tempo and intensity please go back to

Intelligence of the Breath

Your body is extremely smart and thus it knows how to regulate itself. By doing these work ins our body will know whether it needs to increase your energy or wind you down for the night. I love to do my working in either first thing in the morning to refresh me for the day or last thing before bed as it really helps to calm my body and prepare it for bed.

In this preparation it helps to increase my recovery hormones (growth hormone and testosterone) and decrease my stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline) making sleep very productive.

Are You Working Out too Much?

As I have all of my clients do I encourage you to go grab your copy of How to Eat Move and Be Healthy and flip to pages 28-37.  You will find here the Chek Health Index Questionnaires to determine your scores.

This can help to determine the stress level you are putting on your body and let you know how much working out versus working in you should be completing. You can then look to chapter 10 to see a great exercise routine for you. By doing so you can increase your energy and sculpt the body you desire.

Another great option is to find a C.H.E.K Institute Trained Professional to analyze your health and wellness and set you up with the right program.

Please feel free to contact me here as I consider myself a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach “Without Borders” as I work with clients all over the U.S. and around the world.

Have a Great Day!

Nick Horowski