Walk Slowly to Endless Energy

How often do you see sick overweight people  pounding the pavement day in and day out with a really fast paced walk?

The other one, is the person that is on the treadmill for an hour every single day and their body never changes, they still get the flu and are always tired.

This problem can easily be solved by slow walking.

Okay, not entirely… you have to make sure that you bring some other lifestyle changes into play that we have discussed, but, adding in slow walking for your work in can really help. It’s an easy exercise to add and can be done alone or with a group.

Do I Just Walk Slowly?

As is the answer for most things, YES and NO. Let’s touch on a few key points to keep in mind to cultivate some serious energy.

  1. Heart rate does not increase
  2. Can be done on a full stomach (think turkey dinner) and not have any discomfort from going to fast
  3. Best done outdoors to get most energy, but can be done anywhere in a pinch
  4. No electronics with you to remain undistracted
  5. Lasts at least 15 minutes
  6. Keep breathing through the nose with proper mechanics

Some Different Options…

1.  Count your steps with your breath:

You can breathe in for four steps, hold breath for two steps, breathe out for four steps and take two more steps before breathing in again. This is an example and you should do what comes naturally in a relaxed state.

2.  Super Slow Walking:

Here it is just as it sounds, you walk super slow. I am talking you actually have to slow yourself down and even balance on one foot for a while because it takes a while to get the other leg through. The slower you go, the more energy you burn so take your time and enjoy.

Next week I will show you how to add different movements and even the Primal Pattern Movements into the mix, but in a way that leaves you refreshed and not wiped out.

Have a Great Day,

Nick Horowski